2024 Primary Endorsements

KSRA PAC Announces Endorsements in 2024 Primary Election

TOPEKA (July 9, 2024) – The Kansas State Rifle Association PAC (KSRA PAC) today released its list of federal and state legislative endorsements for the 2024 Primary Election.

“While Joe Biden, Laura Kelly, Sharice Davids, and their allies are only interested in placating the demands of the most-extreme voices in their base, Kansans overwhelmingly support the right to keep and bear arms and consistently vote their values at the polls. Kansas legislators have passed some of the strongest Second Amendment protections in the nation, and voters have twice approved pro-Second Amendment improvements to the Kansas Constitution by overwhelming margins. The Kansas State Rifle Association is committed to once again returning Second Amendment super majorities to the Kansas House and Senate, and sending a 100% pro-Second Amendment Kansas delegation to Washington, DC.”

As the Kansas affiliate of the National Rifle Association, the KSRA works closely with the NRA to monitor legislative action, review candidate questionnaires, and examine voting records to rate candidates each election cycle. Additional KSRA PAC endorsements in local races may be posted online at KSRAPAC.com. NRA ratings are available at: NRAPVF.org

2024 Primary Candidates in Contested Races Endorsed by the KSRA PAC:

Congress: Tracey Mann (R-01), Derek Schmidt (R-02)1, Jeff Kahrs (R-02)1

State Senate: Dennis Pyle (R-01)2, David Haley (D-04), Beverly Gossage (R-09), Caryn Tyson (R-12), Tim Shallenburger (R-13), Chase Blasi (R-26), Tory Marie Blew (R-33), Elaine Bowers (R-36)

State House: Rick James (R-04), Mike Thompson (R-33), Marvin Robinson (D-35), Pat Proctor (R-41), Lance Neelly (R-42), Debbie Paulbeck (R-48), Jeff Underhill (R-65), Kristey Williams (R-77), Steve Huebert (R-90), Kyler Sweely (R-102), Jill Ann Ward (R-105), Dawn Wolf (R-107), Marty Long (R-124)


1 – Dual endorsement. Derek Schmidt worked closely with the KSRA on instituting and improving the Kansas Concealed Carry system as Attorney General. Jeff Kahrs has consistently stood for Second Amendment freedoms throughout his time working for elected officials and has actively supported the KSRA. Another candidate in this race, Shawn Tiffany, is also pro-Second Amendment based on his statements, but does not have a voting record or prior history with our organization on the issue.

2 – Dennis Pyle is the incumbent. John Eplee’s recent votes in the Kansas House have been pro-Second Amendment. Craig Bowser is also pro-Second Amendment based on his statements, but does not have a legislative voting record on the issue.

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